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Satyanarayan Pooja


Satyanarayan Pooja

Lord satynarayan pooja having hidden importance. This pooja vidhi was promulgated by “Lord Narda” for the people on the earth and has been deemed fit to be practiced in every Yuga, even in darkest period of Kaliyuga.

Satynarayan pooja is combination of two words Satya means Truth and Narayan means lord Vishnu. Truth alone is beneficiary when you are surrounded by evil .If you are true ,evil cannot harm you .hindu all over the world know lord Vishnu as the Savior of humanity, thus Satyanaryan pooja at home ensure the blessing of mighty full god, who save the entire world and humanity several times.

We can have some holistic benefits and some spiritual benefits be performing the Satynarayan pooja. Satynaranyan pooja benefits by ensuring you would have a comfortable and peaceful life . This is lord Vishnu promises if you are true Supreme Power Save you from All perils and dangers.