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Parihar Pooja

there are significant importance of kundli and Grah janit dosh. Dosh are great pathbreaker and also stop wellness and goodluck in your life, such as career ,wealth,health,family life,debt trap and enemies. Following are some main Kundli Dosh

A - pitra dosh: we believes pitra devo bhav. if pitra are not pleased with us they will give several of health and wealth related problems face by human .it will only minimised or remove by vedic jap and havan.

B - Mangla Dosh: mangla dosh is specially for marriage and family life of person .separate pooja prescribed in vedic rituals. we having specialization in it.

C - Kal Srf dosh: When All stars comes Between Rahu And Ketu .it creates kal sarp dosh, it effects all dynamics of life .