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Langul Strotva


Langul Strotva

The powerful Langool stortra invokes Hanuman in his form of veer Anjaneya. Langool strotra is a short composition dedicated to Shree Hanuman ji. Langool stortra is worship the deity in Vigraha made of rakta chandana using red flowers and other materials in hindu rituals, specially red thinks.. The devotee should recite the Langool stortra by an odd number like one, three, five, seven etc. Times Sitting under “PEEPAL” tree. Sadhak strictly follows celibacy (Bramcharya).

This is made to help of Hindu during middle age when Muslim intruders destroyed his life. This is very famous Pooja among North India. Extremely powerful Langool stortra to distress the enemies and remove all obstacles and diseases from our life. Lord Hanuman is Rudra Avtar Of Lords Of Lord Shiva. Lord Hanuman is swift as mind, has a stride equal to the wind of god, has complete control of his senses the son of the wind god.


(1) The person suffering from the act of Opposition. This is Guaranteed to victory over them.

(2) Maruti, who saves the life of Veer LAKHAMAN, who protected using his sharp big hands ,by hitting with shaking tail remove all your sufferings.

(3) Cope over enemies who creates hurdle and obstacles.