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According to legend, the devil or divine mother war against horrifying demons who wrecked the peace of the universe. Prayer done by Devas from a higher power, the goddess Durga appeared and fought for the welfare of the universe.

As she fought with the devil she created tales of adventure and awe that continue to thrill, Her devotees and invoke deep faith in them. Tales are compiled and penned by VED VYAS, the Durga Saptashti is found Markandey Puran. This Book is famously Known as Durga Saptashti in north India, Devi Mahatmya In South India And Chandi in West Bengal. It Consist 13 Chapters.

  • Chapter 1 --------- Madhu Kaithabh Samhar
  • Chapter 2,3,4---- Mahishasura Samhar
  • Chapter 5 & 6 ----- Dhumralochan Vadh.
  • Chapter 7--------- Chandmund Vadh
  • Chapter 9 & 10 ----- Shumbh Nishumbh Vadh
  • Chapter 11----- -Narayani Stuti
  • Chapter 12 --- Phala Shurti
  • Chapter 13 --- Devi blessing Raja Suratha and Vaishya

Devi aperadh Kshama Storta then Arti of Devi is performed.

Benefits of Durga Path

Benefit of Durga Saptshati is explained in 10th chapter as follows:

  • (1) Manifestation of Devi’s presence at the place of pooja.
  • (2) Removal of poverty
  • (3) Removal of all troubles.
  • (4) Removal of Poverty(Garibi)
  • (5) Prevent from Calamities
  • (6) Planetary Influences Protection
  • (7) Protection from enemies
  • (8) Wealth and prosperity for children.