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Daily Pooja (Nity Pooja)

Pooja bring peace and contentment to the soul.when you start the day with pooja, you are starting your day with positive and peaceful. Pooja brings the whole family together from start for the day. Doing pooja as a family every day , creates rituals of the entire family.

Although we live together as a family but we found him watching TV or look at the phone. Only pooja is the reason where all family members unite for one reason, This automatically helps to make relationship between the family members. Doing pooja together creates a time and place where we are not distracted and are thankful for being a family together. that create bless our home and creates positive energy that flows through to rest of day. Today we are constantly bombarded with negative messages and noise from everywhere. During this period of turmoil(uthal –puthal) to be strong and our faith becomes strong by doing pooja. The scent of incense, the sound of the pooja bell, inner peace that comes from talking to god these are the pillars of our strength.

We are working on supporting you to live your best spiritual life.